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A series of adverts have been launched to challenge and raise awareness of abuse in relationship amongst teenagers.

The initiative is run by This is Abuse, a campaign that aims to encourage teenagers to speak out against abuse as well as provide support to those who have or who are currently experiencing abuse in a relationship.

Evidently, many teenagers may believe that abuse only refers to domestic violence; however the site allows teenagers to identify the many ways abuse can manifest, for example verbally through name calling, or coercive and controlling behaviour.

Jeremy Browne, Crime Prevention Minister said: ‘The latest campaign adverts launched will ensure this good work continues, that unacceptable behaviour is challenged and teenagers are helped to recognise abuse when they see it.’

‘Sadly, emotional abuse is surprisingly common in teenage relationships with 75 per cent of girls and 50 per cent of boys reporting that they have experienced it.’

The adverts, co-produced with MTV, will run on selected satellite channels until the end of April as part of the This is Abuse campaign.

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