Our Declaration

Through the work that we do, we aim to empower our audience to have healthier conversations about sex and relationships. 

Therefore we pride ourselves in entertaining, educating and empowering ALL to have healthier sexual health outcomes, in addition to tackling sexual health inequalities, particularly among marginalised groups.

1. We are committed to creating content that creates better sexual health outcomes for young people and adults who work with young people.

2. We are driven by our values and mission and aim to create a community of sexual empowered and sexually responsible advocates who are able to inspire change.

3. We are passionate about learning new methods to create better health and wellness for those who are most vulnerable. 

4. We pride ourselves in creating a platform to discuss sensitive issues and topics, and challenge ideas about sexuality that exist among particular commuities and groups.

5. We strive to share best practice nationally and internationally and welcome all opportunities to collaborate and partner on projects.