Shine ALOUD Magazine is an educational resource, predominantly created by young people for young people. 

Shine ALOUD Magazine has been a major part of our work to date that has allowed us to work with a range of young creatives to create our unique publication in addition to publishing age appropriate and relevant content to tackle a range of topics relating to sexuality, some of which include parenthood, peer pressure, contraception and personal hygiene.

Through the work that we do, we are keen to create sex positivity and tackle sexual health inequalities particularly among marginalised groups.

Each issue focuses on a particular theme and going forward we are keen to work with brands and organisations that are as passionate as we are about address sexual health and wellness amongst young people nationally and internationally. 

We are aware of the saturated magazine market and we would like to bring a sense or originality that will allow people to talk more comfortably about sex and relationship entwined with that of News, Politics, Music, Fashion, Culture and more

Have a read of our latest issues below.


Issue 6 – JULY 2014

  This is our Real Men issue where we will be shining a light on the initiatives dedicated to raising aspirations and empowering young men within the realms of sex, relationships and youth and culture, as well as highlighting some of the challenges that men may...

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Issue 5 – FEBRUARY 2014

This issue is our ‘Wonder Woman’ issue. We are shining a light on the initiatives dedicated to raising aspirations and empowering young women within the realms of sex, relationships and youth culture, as well as highlighting some customs and practices that cause...

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Issue 4 – OCTOBER 2012

  This issue focuses on new beginnings and aims to get y’all thinking about doing something new. Whether it’s picking up a course or continuing with a forgotten hobby? We’ll be exploring the human anatomy and uncovering the Erogenous Zones in males and females,...

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Issue 3 – JUNE 2012

  Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, where BBQ’s, parties and holidays are a must. With all this excess heat, we aren’t only wearing a lot less clothes, but also indulging in things we won’t usually, which is why the focus of this issue is promiscuity. We...

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Issue 2 – FEBRUARY 2012

  This issue features Living well and their txt M8 young people's services, the day in the life of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea screeners, Emmanuel Ray - Britain's First 'IT' Boy and what he thinks about sexual awareness in modern day Britain. Maxwell D and Tribal...

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Issue 1 – OCTOBER 2011

  In this first issue we catch up with Shereece Lee he talks to us about her Channel 4 Battle campaign 'Lets Talk About Sex' where she hopes to get more peer on peer sex education taught in schools. We talk to Daniel Fry from the Naz Minority Trust, Gareth Davies...

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Shine ALOUD UK – Issue 7 – Self love & Confidence

This is our Self-Love and Confidence issue were we will be grappling with the ideas of self-love and confidence and what impact they have on our lives. The idea of not being good enough for a job or a partner, or perhaps, not feeling confident enough to speak about...

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