Delivering SRE that Matters

Do you know the issues that affect young people in your local area? Would you feel confident to talk to young person about sex? Would you be able to signpost them to a sexual health service? The purpose of training is to enable professionals to provide and promote high quality sexual health services and support to young people, in line with best practice.  


  1. To increase knowledge and understanding of the sexual health issues affecting young people and the services that can support them. 
  2. To equip participants with the confidence and ability to deliver effective sexual health interventions to young people. 
  3. To increase awareness of attitudes and values towards young people’s sexuality and the law in relation to sex and young people. 

Learning Outcomes

All participants will have the opportunity:

  • Identify issues affecting young people in  London and describe the links to themes such as gender, faith, culture and social media… 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of individual attitudes and values about young people and sexual health and how this may affect practice
  • Discuss the law in relation to sex and young people
  • Demonstrate awareness of local child protection procedures, Fraser Guidance and young people’s rights to a confidential service.
  • Identify the most common contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections among young people
  • Understand the range of condoms available and how to demonstrate their use  
  • Identify local sexual health services and know how and when to refer young people to them.

R U Ready

Would you like to encourage and support young people to delay early sexual intercourse? To feel confident and happy in making their own decisions about sexual activity? To feel confident and comfortable seeking advice, support and contraception? 

R U Ready is offering a one day training course to professionals to develop their knowledge and confidence to support young people in making healthy choices with regards to their sexuality and sexual activity.

Learning Outcomes

All participants will have the opportunity:

  •       To understand the causes and effects of early sex and current research findings
  •       To explore the influence of the media and peer pressure on young people and early sex
  •       To come to an understanding of what the Delay approach is
  •       To practice a range of practical ways of working with youth to help them make positive and healthy decisions for themselves
  •       To consider the concept of “readiness” for youth and to introduce a decision-making resource for them to use in accessing this
  •       To reflect on ways in which we can offer guidance and support to young people about delaying early sex

Sex and Relationship Education

We offer a range of 1-2-1 or group sessions for young people and vulnerable adults. These can take place on a one-off basis or over a period of weeks. Young people may be referred to our programs by support workers, social workers or guardians, but to engage in our programs all participants MUST consent. We are also happy to tailor all sessions to the needs of participants depending on what is needed. 

When delivering, we use a range of tools and resources to engage learners, making them interactive, informative and memorable. We pride ourselves in delivering a high standard of education to all participants, all our facilitators are well skilled to meet the needs of our students.  

Our SRE training covers the following areas:

  • Reproductive Organs, Functions and Puberty
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender 
  • Sexual Pleasure 
  • Sex and the Risks (includes STI’s, HIV and Pregnancy Testing and Abortion)
  • Contraception and Condom
  • Demonstration
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Being assertive and saying NO! 
  • Self-Love & Self Esteem Body Image 
  • Consent, Sex and the Law and
  • Healthy Relationships 
  • Sexting and Online relationships 
  • Abstinence 
  • Sexual Exploitation

 All session plans can be provided to professionals before session delivery on request.