This issue focuses on new beginnings and aims to get y’all thinking about doing something new. Whether it’s picking up a course or continuing with a forgotten hobby?

We’ll be exploring the human anatomy and uncovering the Erogenous Zones in males and females, we’ll be looking at Sexual Health in prisons and what can be done to improve it, Domestic Violence and how to get the help as well as identify signs of an abuser.

We speak to Dear Rob who tells us more about his book ‘Lying Fully Clothed: Exposing The Naked Truth About Men’, we speak to Olivia Mason, from Student Bean’s, who talks to us about the results of the university Sex Survey.

We also speak to Bwoy Wonder the designer behind the lego-brick chains worn by celebs such as P.Diddy, Russell Simons and to find out what impact fashion has on sexual activity as well as much…much…much more!

About Shine Aloud

We are a youth led social enterprise that aims to provide creative solutions to address sexual health inequalities among marginalised groups!