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The Office of the Children’s Commissioner has commissioned research to find out how young people understand the concept of sexual consent.

Researchers from London Metropolitan University are running the online survey to explore what people young people aged 13 – 17 think about the topic.

In order to gage responses, the researchers have put together some short films about situations where young people have had sex.

Survey participants will then be asked questions about what has happened in the film and what they think about it.

In some instances, some of the situations described in the films may be too upsetting for participants therefore they have the option not to answer the questions in addition to exiting the survey at any point.

The survey also provides a list of organisations where young people can gain confidential advice from health professionals and advisors regarding any issues they may have.

The research is part of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner Inquiry into child sexual exploitation in gangs and groups all of which aims to combat gang and group-associated sexual exploitation, victimisation, and abuse of children; develop preventative programmes; and deliver effective intervention and rehabilitation for victims.

All films are scripted and acted by a professional actor. The actors are not talking about their personal life.

The situations spoken about are realistic situations but are not directly drawn from any individual’s experience.

Each film last around 2 minutes, therefore the survey should take an average of 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

You can now complete the survey by clicking here

For more information log on to www.givenget.info

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