Wholesome Living – Substance Abuse is Self-Abuse is the substance abuse awareness initiative run by us in collaboration with 6 other partners from Europe, all of whom have joined together to address substance use among young people across Europe.

Last month we took a team of 4 young people from the UK to Zakopane, Poland to participate in the 2nd youth exchange as part of the 24 month Erasmus Plus funded project. 

The exchange provided a space for 33 participants from the UK, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Poland and Romania to engage in a range of discussions and presentations on substance abuse in addition to learning and sharing their experiences of being involved in both social and community development as young leaders. 

The initiatives aims to start an international dialogue about the impact of drugs an alcohol on young people with the aim of understanding the issues that affect young people with the hope of making an international solution to address the problem of substance abuse long term.

Rianna is keenly recruiting BAME youth 18 – 25 to participate in the next youth exchange scheduled to take place in Vieste, Italy in March 2020. For more information participants can contact Rianna and her team via email info@shinealoud.co.uk as well as register their interest for Italy via the following link.  

Wholesome Living goes to Italy

About Shine Aloud

We are a youth led social enterprise that aims to provide creative solutions to address sexual health inequalities among marginalised groups!