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After watching the first episode of Some Girls on BBC Three, I can officially say I miss being at secondary school.

The 8.45am start, the dreaded school uniform, sloppy school meals, confiscated jewellery, phones and MP3s, laughs, fights, gossip, noisy classmates, creepy teachers and long victorian corridors – the fabrics of my adolescence life that I – and I’m sure many others – took for granted.

The comedy drama series, Some Girls, written by Bernadette Davis – co-writer of BBC sitcom Game On – follows a group of four 16-year-old girls, growing up on an inner-city estate, attending the same high school and playing on the same school football team.

| “We aren’t all single mothers with drug problems”. Viva

The majority of the program is set on the school grounds, addressing typical teen issues of: boys, sex, relationships, teachers, friendship circles, the future and fun – on and off the pitch.

The girls are coached by the lead girl’s – Viva (Adelayo Adedayo) step-mum Anna (Dolly Wells), who  lives with Viva and her dad Rob (Colin Salmon).

The new comedy series Some Girls, Thursday’s 10pm BBC3

Despite growing up on a council estate, Viva is ambitious and holds dreams of going to university, asserting: “we aren’t all single mothers with drug problems”.

However, she’s defensive and resistance towards Anna as a result of her two year relationship with her dad – which is understandable, how would you feel if your parent dated your teacher?

Viva’s friends with Amber (Alice Felgate) , the dopey blonde with boyfriend issues, Holli (Natasha Jonas) , the aggressive brunette whose outbursts are ‘legendary’ and Saz (Mandeep Dhillon) , who’s abruptly sarcastic, a with serious attitude problems, together they make an interesting bunch.

The group share everything from homework to ambitions, laughs, clothes and food – and occasionally items from their household medicine cupboards when things get too intense.

For those with a youthful sense of humor – taking swearing and sex jokes in to consideration – along with the wish to re-live high-school memories, Some Girls is a definite must watch.

Some Girls is available to watch via BBC iPlayer, log on to www.bbc.co.uk for more information.

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