We all have close friends, maybe some more than others.

The ones we tell our dirty secrets to, the ones who cook for us, the ones we go shopping with or even the ones who are prone to drama and attempt to include us in it – nevertheless their still our friends.

Housemates, the UK web-series supported by Brothers With No Game illustrates exactly this.

The online drama follows five female 20-something-year-old friends who share their views on relationships, careers and their futures under one roof as housemates.

Some of you may have already gone through the flat-share¬†experience of adult life and if you haven’t this will truly prepare you for the trauma of noisy flat mates, the frustrations of loosing the keys, the anxiety of tarnished possesisons and much more.

The experiences of these young women are so truly vivid, witty and relatable, watch the first episode of Housemates below.

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