No more awkward birds and the bee’s conversations

“The topic of sex has been deemed somewhat of a taboo for as long as I can remember, so lo and behold the day has come when the subject can be talked about openly among peers and parents. That’s right – No more awkward birds and the bee’s conversations sitting in the living room with your mum and dad, sex education made easy in the form of a magazine – Shine Aloud. The magazine is a sexual health publication, made for young people by young people.

“The main aim of the publication is to “Educate and inform young people about sexual health and relationships on a personal level in addition to giving young people the chance to voice their opinion. With issues ranging from what to do after receiving a text from the guy you like to the stuff they don’t tell you in school – Shine Aloud has it all and truly is a much needed tool to help combat some of the issues in the community from teenage pregnancies to contraception. ” By Josh Ford

Sex safely as well as the pros and cons 

 “Shine Aloud has the ability to communicate with young people on a simple but effective way featuring articles that are true for those reading the. Quite often we read articles written about people who have not experienced what they are writing about so they don’t know how to talk to the reader, or relate to the reader. Shine Aloud has been a great service East London community and I hope that more people will read it and get more from it.

“There are not enough magazines that are funded by the government that are dedicated to teaching young people not just about sex, but how to have sex safely as well as the pros and cons. Its effective and honest teaching. Shine Aloud, should never cease production because it’s one of the best things that has come out of London for young people.” By Verity Nelson

A platform for young people

“Shine Aloud magazine is an initiative taken out in the best interests of young people and the general awareness of sexual health. The magazine’s subscribers can expect a seasonally prescribed dosage showcasing an array of carefully selected youth provision services and articles that engage, educate and entertain.

“Not just young people but also mature readers that can appreciate a well-researched and well written witty body of work.  Shine Aloud also serves as a platform for young people, giving its readers content exclusively sourced from the best young journalistic talents. Young readers will be happy to hear Shine Aloud is a free non-profit publication.”  By Jordan Williams 

Perfect at engaging  young people

“In school I never took much notice of my sex education lessons. By the time I reached my late teens I couldn’t remember how to put on a condom, let alone the range of contraception available. Today’s generation are fortune enough, to have a sexual health magazine that they can refer to without talking to anyone. Shine use current celebrities and popular topics to explore sex and relationships, in a way young people will find interesting. Today’s young people hate being told what to do or how to think.”

“Shine encourages them to think and discuss different issues on sexual health. This will eventually eradicate sex as a taboo subject. It’s very publication outlet, is perfect at engaging  young people who are constantly using social media.  Shine see’s social media as a platform for change, which it is as young people can share and discuss content. I feel that Shine will continue to thrive, and inspire young people everywhere that sexual health is important. Above all act as a reminder that there is support available outside the school and the family.”  By Daniella Nzekwe 

It doesn’t segregate genders

“What makes this magazine unique is that it doesn’t segregate genders and it also helps young people with their relationship as well. It also engages opinions and in some cases facts from people who are professional to be giving out advice.

“So instead of trying to find answers you’ve got reliable sources giving it to you.  As well as of all this it is not too serious and allows some form of entertainment from the people in the entertainment industry, with interviews from musicians to award winners and designers.”  By Stefan Aitange

An interesting read for the adolescent

“I believe that Shine ALOUD magazine is a good magazine for young people to read and hopefully feed off any advice that gets given. The fact that it touches on sexual health subjects which is popular among a vast majority of teenagers, some people may not get to find out from schools, colleges and etc. makes it an interesting read for the adolescent.

“When you look around at the selection of media content available for youth today it doesn’t take long for you to realise there’s a gap for something different. Shine ALOUD merges arts, culture and vitally sexual health information for the people and by the people and at such a high level at the small scale it’s currently at there’s nowhere else to go but up.

As supported by the NHS, the readers are correctly informed about the issues that concern them in a way they can’t help but notice; and with the concerning stats that deem the current generation almost oblivious to the various risks it’s great to see a company tackle the taboo subject in a successful way. I commend Shine ALOUD and their team for the legendary stand they’re making not only as a writer but as a young person and only hope to see a score of support behind this project to take its message across the capital.”  By Chinedu Okafor

Always be needed in our local community

“As a young person I have found Shine ALOUD magazine a very educational and engaging magazine. I believe it is an educational tool that can help and inform the young people of our community. With sexual transmitted diseases spreading more and more in the UK it’s always helpful having this type of platform running workshops and providing us information on how to prevent these diseases.

“What separates Shine ALOUD to other platforms in my opinion is its engagement with the youths and adults of our day; it is often surprising to hear what we have to say about our knowledge or thoughts and opinions within these topics. Controversial questions such as “Can friends date, their ex’s?” are questions that can often bring us together in debating in a productive manner, and in fact it is always interesting to hear what a majority of people have to say with regards to these topics. This is a magazine that will always be needed in our local community, schools, colleges and etc.” By Ruben Ferreira

Speak to young people as they would wish to be spoken to

“In my capacity as designer on Shine ALOUD Magazine I have felt privileged to work with some very inspiring individuals who have given their time in order to help young people take control and responsibility over their own sexual health and well-being  It takes time and dedication to generate commission and collate the content required for this sort of publication. I have now worked with Rianna on three of the Shine ALOUD issues and in all instances she has been extremely organised – frequently more so than many of the professional editors I’ve worked with.

“This has definitely played a part in my decision to provide design work for the magazine on a pro bono basis this year. Shine ALOUD seems to speak to young people as they would wish to be spoken to, without being lecturing or patronising.It aims to engage with its audience through accessible design, content and tone and strives to be current and relevant, addressing the impact of daily life whether the ever increasing presence of social media or the portrayal of sexuality in music and fashion. Ignorance causes harm.

“If the magazine allows just one young person to take charge of their life either by wearing a condom or insisting that their partner uses protection or by causing them to understand they have a right to say no or to leave an abusive partner, then I will have been worth it. The magazine seems to be attracting a following on social media which indicates that it is filling a niche that can perhaps not be as effectively filled by larger organisations which may be seen to be too authoritarian. There will always be a need for this sort of publication – one that aims to educate, but not to dictate and in so doing, affords young people the ability to make informed choices about their lives.”  By Lesley Mitchell 

One of those very few left taking risks

“One of the main things I adore about Shine ALOUD  is the creative mind behind the words. It has such an influence on me because it’s based on real life which is why I relate more to it than some newspapers even. I think another person can benefit because it raises awareness on issues I know I don’t have in-depth knowledge on and most people are just like me in the sense that some of the topics they discuss (e.g. Sexual Health) usually doesn’t get taught until you’re in the situation where you have to find out and sometimes by then it’s too late.

“Anyway all I can say at the end of the day after 21 years of seeing the world one thing I have learnt is that we are all different but most of us are trying to be the same. This magazine breaks that chain and is one of those very few left taking risks, still experimenting and leading the way to make a new chain.”  By Alika Agidijeffs

Educate us without being boring & long winded

Since I started reading shine aloud magazine, I’ve consciously made an effort to take care of my sexual health. I think this is actually an achievement since; I was your typical wild & crazy teenager. I love the way the magazine is structured to entertain & educate us without being boring & long winded.

I recommend this magazine should be in schools, since the compulsory age to leave school has risen to 18, it’s vital the message is spread across the UK. I wish Shine ALOUD all the success in the world and hope they continue spreading goodness. By Andrew Diego

Excellent experience and development as a aspiring journalist

“Shine ALOUD magazine is a very educational magazine. I was recently asked by Rianna Raymond to write a piece for the magazine, I feel that having the opportunity to write for the magazine was an usual opportunity. Young writers rarely get the chance to write for an established publications and being given this opportunity was excellent experience and development as a aspiring journalist.

“I like the magazine as it addresses real issues and taboos related to sex and everything related to it. Young people often feel uneducated and confused about sexual topics and the magazine allows questions to be asked. Society often dismisses sexual issues and the magazine aims to address them head on. However the magazine does this is an informal and conversational way which contributes to it being easy to read and understand.  I think by addressing various issues to with sex, Shine Aloud may be able to help with the rise in STI’s and teenage pregnancy statistics in the U.K.

“Young people can often feel awkward and scared about asking about sex but having the chance to read a magazine that has experts and people with experience talking about the subjects brought up people can feel at ease because they know that they’re issues and questions are normal and acceptable. I think Shine Aloud magazine is doing a great job in educating young people about sex, love and relationships and in my opinions gets better each issue.” By Reannah Yusuff