Dating’s not what it used to be, especially since dating sites and social media networking have become the norm across the globe. Websites such as, Plenty of Fish and Tinder have given rise to a new breed of daters who are entrenched in virtual hook up culture.

Meeting people on Tinder is very different to meeting people real life – which is something many people tend to forget. For example, not everyone looks as amazing looks like a film star in person, despite what you see on Tinder, and chat up lines in public can and will be very different to online instant messages.

On top of that, there are some VERY strange men and women online that many of us have encountered – unfortunately. We’ve all met the guy who is only there for sex, his user names speaks for itself ‘… iches of fun’ or ‘ tall, dark and very long’. Or we’ve seen images of that kinky girl wearing next to nothing in her profile picture, but has written a 5 paragraph feminist manifesto in her bio. Online dating can be very deceiving.

With an estimated 50 million users, in addition to Tinder being available in 24 languages, it’s safe to say that the many of us have got the dating bug.

This info-graph below created by A Touch of Class Companions shows us exactly how Tinder may have altered the dating game – forever.


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