Condoms. Not exactly a glamorous topic of conversation, right? While that may be true, they are seriously important nonetheless. Not only do condoms help to prevent unwanted pregnancies (if they don’t break so no 100% guarantee!), but they play a huge role in the prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted infections throughout the world.

With the rise of  HIV and AIDS globally, condom use is soo important. The attitude towards casual sex and dating has relatively changed in countries like the UK and the US.  It is now more acceptable for someone to carry a condom with them, whereas before this might have been seen as largely presumptuous or provocative, in comparison to being responsible – because that’s exactly what it is RESPONSIBLE and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Condoms are relatively accessible via chemists, GUM Clinics or even super markets. All condoms are different, varying in flavours, colours  and brands, therefore It’s important to source a reliable brand that is firstly in-date,  carries a British safety mark – also referred to as a kite-mark – ensure this is on the packet before using in addition to checking whether or not the packaging has been damaged.

This info-graphic from Carvaka Adult Toys in the UK aims to shed some light on the topic of condoms in showing how they are manufactured including the rigorous testing procedures they go through. It also explains the best method for storing, using and disposing of this method of contraceptive. Check it out below/

Condoms all you need to know

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