According to a recent study conducted in the USA, women can become chemically dependent on semen.

The research conducted by psychologist Dr. Gordon G. Gallup at State University, New York, found that “women who had sex regularly without a condom became increasingly depressed the longer they went without unprotected sex”. The fact that women who used condoms regularly did not experience the same depression is partly of what led to the conclusion.

Scientists have found that semen has positive benefits to a woman health, for example it helps to relieve anxiety and depression and can also help reduce any pain, discomfort, or cramps from PMS.

There is a notion that women who go without unprotected sex for a long period of time experience “semen withdrawals” which results in women feeling more angry, sensitive, and irritable, as a result of semen not being absorbed into the bloodstream through vaginal intercourse. 

Biologically, the hormones testosterone, estrogen, prolactin and prostaglandins in semen are all absorbed through the vaginal walls during sex which help elevate a woman’s mood. Gallup also found that women who did not use condoms were more vulnerable to “the rebound effect” where they were they would actively seek new partners as soon as a relationship was over.

Scientists believe that these added benefits for intercourse act as an incentive that keeps couples together, making intercourse more about emotional and physical pleasure in comparison to just procreation.

Not convinced?

Read Dr. Gordon G. Gallup paper on “Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties?”

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