Have you ever been through a break up?

The moping around the house as though you’ve lost a limb. Listening to sad love songs and reminiscing about the moments your shared with your partner – now ex. The spending or eating excessively just to make yourself feel better. Or the anger and frustration of wanting to contact your ex one last time – even though you know you shouldn’t.

Relationships, sex and dating...

Relationships, sex and dating…

Unfortunately, many of us have been there and I think I speak for us all when I say it’s definitely not a nice place to be. The reality is, a break up is never easy, no matter how much people try and tell you ‘things will get better’ or ‘you’ll soon be over your ex’, you have to give yourself time and space to grieve the relationships. But whatever you do, life still has to go on. 

With that being said, the book The Break Up Recipe, written by author Munir Bello, was his very own way of dealing with break-up heartache.

The Break Up Recipe is a romantic comedy about break ups and relationships from a mans point of view. Bello, who went through a rough break-up himself, tells a story of a man named Mark Mutton who gets jilted by his fiancée a month before they are due to get married.

Protagonist Mark, experiences a series of comical flashbacks before arriving back to the moment where everything fell apart.

Described as a ‘classic Man-Lit for women’, Bello explores the humor and complexities of relationships sex and dating.

Take a sneak peak at the response from the book so far

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