A new survey and report launched by Glitch and End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) titled ‘The Ripple Effect, Online abuse during COVID-19, Sept 2020’ has revealed an increase in online abuse during COVID-19.

As a result, the charities are calling on the government and tech companies to step up on content moderation, transparency, investment, and education now and in the longterm. 

The report found that since more people have been working from home (WFH) during the pandemic over the last six months, almost half of women and non-binary people have experienced online abuse since March 2020, specifically, a third of survey respondent have said that the abuse has been worse during this period. Black women and non binary people experience even higher rates of victimisation.

You can now read the full report here and take action by writing to your MP to urge the Chancellor of Exchequer to ring-fencing at least 10% of this new tax annually for ending online abuse against women and girls. 

You can find out more about this campaign here.

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