Endometriosis Awareness takes place across the globe during the month of March with a mission to raise awareness of this condition that affects the lives of approximately 176 million women worldwide according to Endometriosis-uk.org

What Is Endometriosis?
Endometriosis affects women and occurs when tissue, similar to the lining of the womb (uterus) grows in other areas of the body.

The tissue is linked to the woman’s hormonal cycle. However, unlike a period, the tissue remains within the body and bleeds forming adhesions (scar tissue), lesions and blood-filled cysts.

Symptoms of endometriosis include:

  • bleeding
  • pain
  • infertility
  • fatigue
  • suppressed immune system

Determined on a case by case basis, treatments for endometriosis include:

  • painkillers
  • drug therapy
  • surgery
  • hormonal treatments
  • hysterectomy
  • surgical removal

As part of this month’s awareness we are encouraging you to learn about the condition, share stories and host events to start conversations.  

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