Having you partner so far away from you is not always ideal, but as upsetting as it may be, there are few perks of having a long distance relationships and here they are:


Be you whilst your partner is away.

If you survive the distance, your relationship can survive anything.

Long distance relationships can be extremely complicated and stressful, and unfortunately, not many last or can surpass this challenge. But those that do, their relationship last for a lengthy amount of time, and some even forever. Surviving long distance relationship shows that you are able to be your own individual and you are attracted to the person because of their personality and all the right things. It takes out the physical aspect which even though is important; shows your relationship is more than just about intimacy and is therefore much deeper on a spiritual and physiological level and shows that both partners are committed to each other.

It’s cheaper than a normal relationship.

Being in a long distance relationship – especially if you are in different countries – means that you don’t have to buy your partner gifts – well not as often. The only time when cost comes into play is when you have to save-up to go and see each other but that may only be monthly or on a special occasion for example the holidays season, an anniversary or a birthday which general only occurs once a year. So the rest of the year you have your money to spend on yourself because you’ll only be buying meals for one. Spending money on each-other isn’t burden so to speak, but more so a treat in this sense. Buying something meaningful for your partner or treating them to something special.

You become more creative in ways of arousing your partner.

Due to the lack of physical interaction, you can use alternative methods of communication to spice up your relationship, for example you can start by sending flirty texts, pictures messages or arranging face-time via video calls with one another. This will help to keep the spark alive.  You can also look in to becoming more creative by looking into other methods of pleasure. For example foreplay techniques, oral sex or even a little more information about erogenous zones. That way next time you see each other you can have a mutually fulfilling and exciting intimate experience – hopefully.


Long distance relationship quoteYou are free to fully be you.

You get to have a break from having to deal with your partners bad habits that you detest, or do all the things that they hate you doing when they’re around, either smoking, walk around the house naked or drinking out of the milk carton, burp, fart, sing aloud in the house. You no longer have to hide your imperfections that you cover up when they are around.

You never get sick of each other.

Since you are no longer spending so much time together together to do the same old things, nothing becomes routine anymore. Everything feels like a new experience, you tell each other different stories because you are in different areas. Also, since the time you have together is less often, it makes it even more special. When you finally reunite with your partner, it is like receiving the best Christmas gift and you finally get to release you’re built up sexual tension.

Here are Buzzfeed’s 10 Upsides Of Long Distance Relationships:



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