For many people – guys more so than girls – it can be extremely nerve racking when trying to approach or talk to a person you find attractive.

Rather than saying a few sweet and simple words, many go to great lengths to serenade they’re potential sweetheart, with a range of linguistic devices and techniques, which to them are ‘o so poetic’, but in reality horrifyingly awkward and cheesy.

Some are funny, and some are not. For example ‘did it hurt when you fell from heaven’. 

Some are used more than others, and some have never been used again – maybe for the best. ‘I’m looking for treasure, can I look in your chest’

Nevertheless, chat up lines can and will always be used as a fall back option so it’s good to know a few. There’s no guarantee that they will actually work, so be aware you could either be mildly attacked or laughed at.

So here you have it, 15 of the Worst Chat up Lines.



How romantic!

1. Is that a ladder in your tights or the stairway to heaven

2. Feel this, do you know what this feels like, boyfriend material

3. Have you got any raisins? No, well how about a date then

4. “You are almost as beautiful as my sister. But well, you know, that’s illegal.”

5.  “If a fat man puts you in a bag, don’t worry because I told Santa I want you for Christmas”




Only the 80’s and 90’s babies would understand.

6. “Did you hear that? Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world”

7. “Are you a terrorist, because you’re da bomb”

8. “I lost my virginity! Can I have yours?”

9. “I’m not Rapunzel but I’ll let you pull my hair”

10.“Happy Alentines Day, I’ll give you the v later”





11. “Have you got a mirror in your pants because I can see myself in them?

12. “I know why they call it beaver, because I’m dying for some wood”

13. “You know what would make your face look better? If I sat on it”

14. “I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me”

15. “I don’t feel so good, I think I need a shot of penis-illin”


Let us know what lines have worked for you.

But it’s not all about lines, What ever happened to the simple “Hello gorgeous…