Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a pill taken daily that reduces the chances of acquiring HIV. PrEP has enormous potential to significantly reduce HIV transmission and therefore to reduce costs for HIV treatment, care and support.

Despite being effective, PrEP is not readily across the UK and only available via the NHS to those on the impact trial of which there are 26,000 spaces. Data from, The Naz Project London reveals that  82% of women living with HIV in the UK are from BAME communities, 75% of women newly diagnosed with HIV are from BAME communities and 67% of women living with HIV are Black African, all of the above that place Black women at higher risk of sexual health inequalities. 

As a result, we are keen to advocate for PrEP access and HIV prevention support, particularly for Balck Women, but also for other communities who may be at risk. 

We are keen to continue developing work that keeps young people safe from harm and aware of risk. 


Naz Minority Trust 

Sophia Forum 

PrEP and Prejudice

If you are doing similar work in this area and would like to do some collaboration, feel free to contact us.

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