We are pleased to announce that we have secured funding to run our first international project Wholesome Living – Substance Abuse is Self Abuse.

Our grant from Erasmus will allow us to a 24 month project to understand the factors that influence substance abuse among young people under 25.

Through this initiate, we aim to create a youth led creative solution, to address substance long term with our partners from 6 European countries, including the UK, Romania, Turkey , Greece, Italy, and Poland.

Over the next two years we will engage in a host of seminars and activities as part of an international dialogue to share perspectives and best practice on substance abuse and how to better health and well-being among young people.

The video above is made by a young person as part of the project. 



About Shine Aloud

We are a youth led social enterprise that aims to provide creative solutions to address sexual health inequalities among marginalised groups!