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What is difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour?

Would you know how to make a good first impression?

Refraining from using slang a conversation, sitting up straight in a job interview, or simply not chewing in front of an interviewer are a few small things you can do to create a positive first impression.

Young people have lots of opportunities to excel these days, but unfortunately many don’t understand the importance of behaving according to the situation they’re in.

This can cause them to upset others or even lose out on certain opportunities.

Whether it’s a job interview or meeting someone new, it’s good to know how to act.

Here is a short animation created by Rianna our Founder and Managing Director, in conjunction with Fixers.

“I’ve been working with Fixers to show young people the importance of understanding the difference between their behaviour in formal and informal settings. Hopefully it can help them to be more aware of their actions and do the right things.”

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