Issue 7 – MARCH 2016

This is our Self-Love and Confidence issue were we will be grappling with the ideas of self-love and confidence and what impact they have on our lives.

The idea of not being good enough for a job or a partner, or perhaps, not feeling confident enough to speak about how you really feel, or maybe not feeling great about how you look. I’m sure we’ve all been there once or twice, so this issue is here to help you to get rid of those feelings of scepticism and give you some tools to help you feel better, do better and ultimately be better in your personal and professional lives.

In this issue we’ll provide with some useful content on being assertive, power dressing, pleasure, managing personal hygiene and more, as well as give you some information on a few services you can access to overcome any health challenges you or a friend may be facing.

We hope you read, digest, share and enjoy!

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