Are you ready for Sex?

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Being ready for sex happens at different times for everyone!

It’s easy to feel pressurised to have sex with a partner for the first time, which is why deciding when and whether to have sex can be a frightful decision.

Most people don’t have sex until there 16 or older, so if someone’s bragging about how many people they’ve slept with, they’re probably just trying to impress others or fit in with the crowd.

Although the age of consent for sex among heterosexual and homosexual couples is 16 in the UK, this may not necessarily be the right age for you to have sex.

Here are a few topics taken from the NHS Choices websites that might be useful in helping you decide when is the right time.

There are plenty others ways in which you can please your partner which you can read more about on Page 8 & 9 of Issue 4 of Shine ALOUD Magazine entitled ‘Soft Spots’.