One one of the major reasons why a condom fails is because don’t know how to use them.


1. There is a right way and a wrong way to wear a condom. If it doesn’t unroll smoothly from the rim on the outside, it’s upside down. So if that is the case, dispose of the upside down condom and start again,as there could be pre-cum on the condomHere are some things to keep in mind to protect yourself and your partner!

2. There are basically three sizes: standard, contoured, and large. Make sure you have the right size!

3. Only latex condoms provide the best protection against STIs. Some people are allergic therefore they need non-latex, but as at a local GUM Clinic or Pharmacy for more information.

4. Condoms have a shelf life: three years with spermicide, five years without spermicide. Make sure you check the expiration date. Protect yourself and your partner!

5. The worst place to carry a condom is in your back pocket; a shirt pocket there’s always a chace of it getting damaged or ripped, using a protective case is better.

6. Never open the package with your teeth, use the tear strip. Our you’ll end up putting holes in the condom before you’ve even started.

7. Leave room at the tip. If there isn’t a “reservoir end,” squeeze the tip.

8. Use only water-based lubricants, anything else will damage the latex. Leading to unintended pregnancies or STIs.

9. If you feel a condom break, stop intercourse, and withdraw immediately.

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