In the western world, we have access to a lot of food and unfortunately, it’s not always good for us. Living in the States, I drive past at least 5 fast food restaurant on my way to college as well as several restaurants serving unhealthy food like corn fed beef burgers and sodas. But with all of my unhealthy options, I also pass multiple grocery stores. When its warmer outside, I even pass farmers markets! Many people do have these same options as well.

So with many foods to choose from, both healthy and unhealthy, what can I eat? Well, there are 6 super foods you should get into your diet every day!

This North American fruit packs a powerful nutritional punch.

This North American fruit packs a powerful nutritional punch.


Blueberries are very high in antioxidants and according to Best Health, are higher in antioxidants than 40 other common fruits and vegetables you may eat every day. These also tastes wonderful in fruit smoothies, so it is easy to consume many of them at one time!

Due to the existence of the antioxidants in the blueberries, they are able to help prevent cancer and heart disease which kill nearly a million people every year. These also prevent blindness and memory loss, which are not a natural part of the aging process. Additionally, blueberries can help to prevent urinary tract infections as well! Sounds like a great thing to eat to me!


Okay, I know this one sounds like a lie. It tastes way too good to be true, right? Well according to Mother Earth Living, it provides a wonderful boost in necessary minerals, increases energy, betters your mood!

The best way to consume your chocolate (well to me, that’s any way) is to use a cacao powder. So go ahead, have that chocolate-strawberry smoothie in the morning! It’ll taste delicious and be great for you.

Studies reveal sweet potatoes raise our blood levels of vitamin A.

Studies reveal sweet potatoes raise our blood levels of vitamin A.

Sweet Potatoes 

They’re not just for Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day anymore! According to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, they support elimination of toxins and also ease the digestive system.

They’re high in fibre which is enormously important to all diets.

Soy Nuts

For vegetarians, or people who just don’t eat much meat, it is important for each person to ensure that they are getting enough protein in their diets; it helps repair muscles and tissues.

It also helps to ensure that you don’t overeat because it causes you to feel full longer. Soy nuts have the protein that is necessary and according to Everyday Health, they are also relatively inexpensive in comparison to how much you would pay for other foods high in protein, like meats and eggs.


According to Eating Well, oats are full of fiber and they also are very affordable! Increasing the amounts of oats you eat every day also reduces bad cholesterol and lowers your risk for developing heart disease as well.

Of course, these should be pure oats and not the sugar packed packets of oats that you can buy in individual packaging at stores.

After water, Tea it is the most widely consumed drink in the world.

After water, Tea it is the most widely consumed drink in the world.


Almost no one has an allergy to tea, so we can all drink it. According to Eating Well, it gives a great bonus with energy, as we all know if we grab a cup in the morning.

Some teas even has almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but hydrate the body better than coffee will. Many teas are full of antioxidants and also have been shown to reduce your risk for heart disease.

It can be hard to choose the foods that are good for us over the foods that taste good. But, we have many options and there are many super foods, like those above, that we can always eat!

Remain healthy by including at-least one of these on your diet weekly, if not daily.