In response to the increased levels of Domestic Abuse we are seeing across the country, the UK has launched two campaigns to provide support to those at risk of harm and danger.

The first being Online Safe Spaces, delivered in partnership between the UK SAYS NO MORE and Royal Mail Group, which provided a series of untraceable web pages with information on specialist domestic abuse support services, national helplines, and other resources.

Online Safe Spaces are currently accessible through the Royal Mail and Parcelforce websites. By clicking on the Safe Spaces logo on each of these sites, the user will be automatically taken to an Online Safe Space and presented with information and resources on domestic abuse.

Secondly, there is the Safe Spaces campaign which works in partnership with Boots UK, Superdrug pharmacies, Morrisons pharmacies, and independent pharmacies across the country to provide Safe Spaces in their consultation rooms for people experiencing domestic abuse.

These Safe Spaces increase the opportunity for victims of domestic abuse to access specialist support, providing a space for them to phone a helpline, contact a support service or talk to a friend or family member.

Their consultation rooms are open and ready for you to use. Inside, you will find will information on how to access specialist domestic abuse services. 

You can find out more information about both of these initiatives here

How to join Online Safe Spaces

Your company can play a role in increasing the opportunities available for victims of domestic abuse in accessing support.

Joining Online Safe Spaces is simple and free. Email to register your interest.

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