In this new selfie-obsessed era, image is everything. Everyday on or offline we encounter conversations about diet and how certain diet regimes can help us to lose weight fast or how a certain pill can help speed up our metabolism.

There is no doubt that maintaining a healthy lifestyle in addition to exercise and clean eating is essential to keeping in good health. Obesity, which is known to cause high blood pressure and other illnesses, has been a hot topic for news organisations who run daily reports on the direct link between diabetes and obesity and the harm it does to our bodies.

In the Western World, being overweight has negative effects on how a person is seen. Fat is ugly and slim is beautiful. Fat is bad and slim is good. Fat is lazy and slim is active. Not only are these ideas wrong but they have led to increased cases of body dysmorphia, bulimia, anorexia and many other eating disorders. The reality is that there are slim people who eat dangerous amounts of sugary and salty foods whilst completely ignoring the need for a balanced diet. Yet that’s not to say that people who are obese or over weight aren’t also doing the same.

For many of us, the adverts advocating healthy living and cutting down on sugar and fats are ignored. But in the past few months, a shake-up has occurred that has seen sugary drinks such as – Ribena – removed from Tesco stores due to its sugar content, in addition to Coca Cola being chastised for its effect on the body along with sweets being removed away checkouts to stop shoppers from buying on impulse. 

The reality is, even if you are a healthy eater, sugar is on every corner. Large amounts of sugar have been found in many healthy food products from yoghurts to breakfast cereals. Yet many people believe they are eating cereals thinking that they are having a better breakfast option when in actual fact, many of these cereals contain high levels of sugar.

One of the lesser known issues arising from a high sugar diet can be an impact on a person’s libido. Ignoring a low libido can result in poor relations with a partner and can negatively impact on a mental well-being and confidence.

This info-graphic from Carvaka outlines the background to how sugar and insulin can impact on the libido and it also gives some helpful tips on how to reduce sugar naturally from the diet.

Check it out!

Sugar & Libido

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